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the world is growing together

Today’s global world offers plenty of chances for companies and NGO’s. With our international services we make it easy to take them.



for a better understanding of our planet and each other

Our mission is to help others to successfully build a better future for us. Our experts strive to support worthy projects with their unique skillsets and years of experience in international cooperation and communication, marketing, web design and project management.

we believe in working together to create
WIN-WIN-WIN-situations worldwide!


dedicated experts

together we can master every challenge!


our contribution to your ideas and ambitions


with our experience we provide the necessary focus and perspective to come up with ideas that change the world


great ideas are nothing without the right project management, controlling, fundraising and support


we support our partners with the creation of websites, grafics, image videos and presentations.


we use specialized project managemt tools and a lot of experience to steer your project in the right direction


we have the right connections to get the necessary funding to guarantee the success of your project


to convince others of your ideas you need the right soft skills – our coaching helps perfecting your pitch

know-how = to share means to multiply


some of our successful launches in the past

SEO, web design and marketing concept for a info plattform about blockchain

website, flyer, project management and forms for Internationales Waldheim

project management, fundraising, workshops and hands-on coaching for fifteen (girls club)

every journey starts with the first step –
together we can change the world!


let’s hear your ideas!

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